Garden of Vegan

Sharon Shannon and The Garden Of Vegan.


Sharon Shannon, a name synonomous and entrenched in the culture and fabric of Irish Traditional Music. Her story and her journey with her trusted accordion has led her to being one of the world’s most highly acclaimed traditional musicians and her personality has led her to be one of Ireland’s most well-liked and popular national treasures. Her passion for music and the profile she has brought to Traditional Irish Music worldwide and how broad the range and scope of this fantastic art-form can be is well accepted and documented.

Equal to this is her passion for the welfare and protection of animals and this is what has led her to this exciting new chapter and the development of her new business, the Garden Of Vegan. The backdrop to this story and the development of this venture reflects greatly who Sharon Shannon is as a person and what she wants to offer to the public as she makes her foray into this new food based business. It’s evolution has been simple, organic, authentic and driven by passion. The first step in this umbrella business is a fully dedicated vegan food truck which will go to festivals, events and corporate functions throughout Ireland and UK for now and Europe in the medium to long term. What started off as plan to do a few pop up vegan dinner events and a live show with Sharon each year has now developed into a fully mobile food truck where Sharon will be able to reach a far greater audience with her message that a vegan and plant based diet is and can delicious, nutritious, healthy enjoyable and fun both to cook and experience.

The Receipes and The Menus have all been developed by Sharon herself and she has worked with great determination to ensure that the final product for the consumer will be one of the best food offerings out there in the marketplace that happen to be vegan! The options on the menu are receipe favourites of Sharon’s that she cooks at home and together with our partners in this project, The Good Food Truck Company, we have been able to build on these to deliver a high end healthy food alternative to the public at large. The multi-talented chefs at the Good Food Truck Company were as dedicated as Sharon was to work tirelessly to deliver the most authentic version of Sharon’s vision for the food and the premium quality end product we now see on the menu.

From her appearance on the TV Series The Restaurant, where Sharon cooked the first ever full vegan menu in 10 series of the show, the response and the desire from the public for an alternative food option that “Sharon Shannon, Garden of Vegan” Food Truck now offers has never faltered. The truck itself and the food choices it offers are colourful, quirky, edgey, authentic and world class and it delivers all that it promises – not too unlike the lady herself , Sharon Shannon, who has brought this exciting new endeavour to life.

Remember, you don’t have to be a Vegan to enjoy Sharon’s delicious, nutritious and flavoursome Vegan food, so all you non-vegans out there, give it a try, go on, go on, go on! We’ll love you for it!



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