Garden of Vegan

Sharon Shannon and The Garden Of Vegan.


Sharon Shannon is a name synonymous and entrenched in the culture and fabric of Traditional Irish Music. Sharon’s journey with her accordion and love for music has led her to become of the world’s most highly acclaimed traditional musicians, and her personality has led her to be one of Ireland’s most well-liked and popular national treasures.


Equal to her passion for music is her passion for the welfare and protection of animals. A passion which has led her to the development of her new business venture The Garden Of Vegan.  Its evolution has been simple, organic and authentic. What started off as plan to do a few pop up vegan dinner events and a live show with Sharon each year has now developed into a fully dedicated mobile food truck which attends music festivals, events and corporate functions throughout Ireland and the UK.

The recipes and the menus have all been developed by Sharon herself and she has worked with great determination to ensure that the final product for the consumer will be one of the best delicious, nutritious and healthy food offerings in the marketplace.. that just happen to be vegan!